Saturday, January 2, 2010

Anti-Spam: Deleting multipe comments in blogger


I always love to see comments to my posts:

However when the comments are nothing but SPAM...

I have recently needed to delete 100+ comments from my blogger account. Unfortunately blogger only allows to delete one comment at a time. This is really not helping when I need to delete 100+ comments.

The trick is to use a browser that supports tabs (almost all of them today) and to middle click the basket icon near each comment we want to delete. It will now open in a new tab:

We still need to approve the deletion in that tab, but at least we do not need the extra clicks of returning to the original post and finding the next comment.


What's next? get this blog rss updates or register for mail updates!


Moshe said...

What about automating the comment removal process (with, for example, HP QuickTest Pro)? You can use some fixed substring of spam messages as a criterion for removal.

Yaron Naveh said...

@Moshe - I'm not in the business of SPAM removal tools...