Saturday, March 13, 2010

My favorite online programming utilities


Every blogger has his own list of favorite programming utilities.
Here are some utilities I love - all are online. You are welcome to share your favorites in the comments.

Binary translator
(Or whatever its name is) converts between base64, hex, binary, text, decimal... you got it.

Xml Pretty Print
If you think this:

  <dummy xmlns="xml">
      <test p:attr="the">pretty xml utility</test>

is better than this:

<some><dummy xmlns="xml"><to><test p:attr="the">pretty xml utility</test></to></dummy></some>

then this utility is for you.

Color Picker
Hey they have some nice colors there!

What are your favorite online programming utilities?


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adi said...

For managing your projects I would add "InTask Personal" (

Anonymous said...

XML file Formatting can also be done in Visual Studio. Go To Menu --> Edit --> Advanced --> Format Document/Format Selection. In fact, when copying un-formatted xml string in an XML file opened in VS, automatic formatting is done.

Will WM said...

Heh, I'm a bit behind on my comments and linkbacks; thanks for linking to my blog post! =)