Saturday, April 23, 2011

svcutil.exe with a wsdl on the local disk


svcutil.exe is a command line to generate wcf proxies from wsdl files (and more).

for example the following command:

$> svcutil http://localhost/MyServices/Service.svc?WSDL

will generate Service.cs which is the proxy you can add to your project.

Sometimes the wsdl file is not on a url but on the local disk. In theory this should work:

$> svcutil c:\services\calc.wsdl

In practice this would work only if the wsdl does not reference other wsdl or xsd files (even if their relative reference is correct). The same would work with "add service reference" in VS so not sure why it fails here. One solution is to explicitly specify all the referenced schema files in the command:

$> svcutil" c:\services\calc.wsdl" "c:\person.xsd c:\units.xsd"

This usually works but requires manual work and is not always desired when a large number of references is used.

An alternative would be to upload the wsdl and the references to a web server and svcutil from there. If you have iis on your dev machine this is actually pretty simple:

1. copy the wsdl root folder to a subfolder under c:\inetpub\wwwroot
2. run

$> svcutil http://localhost/root/calc.wsdl

That's all, no need to specify all files. svcutil works well from url locations. Do not forget to remove the wsdl folder after so your iis folder would stay clean.


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Friday, April 22, 2011

...and, we're back!


This post violates at least 4 of the blogging cliches. Read at your own risk!

You might have noticed I've disappeared for a while. The reason is that I have been practically leaving on an airplane in the last two months beeing over 80 hours in flights.

In early march I have visited Redmond for the MVP global summit. I've met people which so far I've only seen in the cover of their books. I've met some of my favorite bloggers and readers. And even though I'm a Connected Systems MVP I took a picture with the Biztalk MVP's (thanks to leonid who took the photo):

I have then visited customers in many states in the US. I never regretted for taking that extra coat and clothes because some places were damn cold! Still I had a lot of fun, met some super smart people, and also had time to visit beautiful places:

Shortly after I came back home I got my 5th star in the MSDN forums:

I'm very proud for being able to help so many people. I am going to continue and participate in these forums not only because I love to help but also since I learn a lot on the way.


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