Thursday, September 27, 2012

GitMoon now has country, company drill down and some amazing graphs too


Check out the great new stuff in GitMoon

Ever since I published GitMoon a couple of months ago I have been getting great feedback in twitter and mails. A lot of you also hinted on what you want to see next. So now is the time to thank you all for the feedback and also to show you what came out of it :)

Here's what has just been deployed to GitMoon:

Friends country / company drill down

Now when you're in the "users" tab you have an option to analyze the project users by country / company / project. So you can answer questions like "how many express.js users are from China" or "How many Yahoo employees use mongoose".

If you take a look at the side map you can also drill down into US states.

Dependency forced-directed graph
This amazing piece of d3.js magic shows you all the dependencies of a project, and their dependencies, all the way up. You can access it via the "projects" tab.

CodeBack drill down
CodeBack is one of gitmoon most useful features. Previously it was just one big list of all usages of the shown project. Now you can filter by the calling project, which makes it very useful for both module authors and consumers.

Amazing new landing page
The landing page is the project face so I decided to give it some SVG love.

Go have fun with your favorite projects!

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