Friday, May 23, 2014

Gifw00t! A pure javascript web recorder


Recently I took a break from all the angle brackets I typically deal with. I decided to build a web recorder in pure javascript (demo, github). You can now record your interaction with a web page into an animated gif without installing anything native. This method works in devices as well. One immediate use case that comes to mind is instant replay of HTML5 game moves:

(live demo)

There are tons of other usages as well.

The recorder internally relies on libraries such as html2canvas by @Niklasvh and jsgif by @antimatter15, and the demos use excelent html5 games written by @daleharvey. In the next few days I'll publish some cool usage samples in my twitter. I can't promise I'll switch to curly braces for good but this was a fun experiment!


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