Monday, October 27, 2008

Best Forums For Web Services Interoperability


If you are writing a JAX-WS web service then you must be familiar with the Java.Net support forums. If you are a WCF developer you have surely bookmarked the MSDN forums. But what if you are an Axis2 developer seeking for interoperability with WCF? Or a .Net 2.0 tester having trouble with an XFire service? This post will give you a hint on where to ask your questions.

Axis2 / Rampart
If you need to work with an Axis2 service you can try to check if there is a bug already open on your case in the issues tracker:

You can drop a question at the WSO2 forums - This project is a server based upon Axis2 and developed by the same people who develope Axis2:

Another good forum is the JavaRanch:

If you have a security question you better check in the Rampart (Axis2 security module) issues tracker:

(You can also open a new issue as a "question")

Or again in WSO2

Metro - JAX-WS - Tango - WSIT

JAX-WS is a standard Java interface for web services. Metro is a reference implementation of it written by Sun. Tango (=WSIT) adds WS-* support to Metro.

For this project the support is concentrated in the Metro forum:

Or the binary web services forum:

.Net 2.0 / WSE2 / WSE3
.Net 2.0 is the previous generation of Microsoft's web services stack. WSE2 and WSE3 are the WS-* implementation for .Net 2.0. The best places to ask on related issues are the Asp.Net XML web services forum:

And the MSDN forum:

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
WCF is the latest generation of Microsoft's SOAP & WS-* stack. All related issues should go to the MSDN forum:

XFire / CXF
XFire is a Java Soap stack. Some time ago it has joined forces with Celtix to create a new Soap stack named CXF (CeltiXFire).

Questions should go to the mailing list:

If you still have question on old XFire go to nabble:

Spring-WS is another Java soap stack. Here is its forum:

JBoss is a well known Java application server and it also has a web services framework:

gSOAP (C++)
gSoap is a familiar c++ soap stack. The discussion forum requires registration:

But meanwhile you can open a support request or look at the open bugs:

WSO2 WSF/ C / C++ / PHP / Ruby /...
WSO2 mentioned above also develop Axis2 compatible toolkits for various platforms. If you have a question on any of them you can ask here:

If you have any additions to the list above please add a comment and I'll update it. Of course you're alwayes welcomed to share with us in this blog any interesting interoperability issue you have.


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