Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Having fun with blogger layouts


Once again, it's time to renovate my blog layout. This time the motivation is not only visual - the previous layout left no space for long code samples.

Some of the new layout highlights:

  • Featured links under the title (CUB, binding box)
  • More space for the blog content
  • Removed the blogger navigation bar
  • "Search this blog" in the top right corner

    The process of fine tuning the layout reminds me a little the process of software development. You be the judge:

    Early prototype (procedural design, all defaults):

    Beta (More cohesive design, some limitations):

    Release (post-refactoring):


    What's next? get this blog rss updates or register for mail updates!

    Dmitry Ornatsky said...

    Why not choose one of the stretchable themes? They are much more code-friendly.

    Yaron Naveh (MVP) said...

    Hi Dmitry

    I wouldn't mind use one, but I like to have a clear visual separation between the page elements. I didn't fine a stretchable template with this attribute which I liked.