Sunday, May 8, 2011

Anyone else having problems with Google Calendar?


Update (july 11): Fixed!

I'll start by saying that google calendar is a great product which I was happy to use for quite a while. Not any more, it seams. For some reason I intermittently don't get email notifications about scheduled events. I have first noticed that over a year ago and assumed it is a one off glitch. I have then noticed it in many more occasions and since last week I don't get notifications at all.

I mainly use gcal as a "send myself a future email reminder" application. While it does not contain any important appointments, I do have there information about birthdays, random arrangements, sites without rss which I periodically visit etc. And while managing to live without these unsent reminders makes me wonder if I had ever needed them anyway, it is still annoying.

This issue appears in several gcal forum threads, has a special troubleshooting page, and is actually a known issue. The last link says "We're currently investigating reports from users who indicate that they're not receiving email notifications for their events". How many users? What is the current status?

Just out of curiosity - does anyone else experience missing email notifications from google calendar?


What's next? get this blog rss updates or register for mail updates!


Solerman Kaplon said...

I would check if the mail server has any kind of anti-spam measure that could block the mails. Got lots of trouble lately with that kind of filter in many applications

AmyTorres said...

I'm having trouble with the new Google Calendar. I've used Google Calendar for many years, and have recommended it to many. However, in the last 3 weeks I've only been able to create events for the current day, and have not been able to edit the date inside any previously created event. Very disappointing. I submitted a note to Google describing the problem last week, but have not had any change in experience, and no reply from their technical team. Any suggestions?