Sunday, May 20, 2012

Xml-Crypto: An Xml digital signature library for Node.js


Get xml-crypto on github

Node.js does not always have the right libraries for Xml operations. When such libraries exist they are not always cross platform (read: work on windows). I've just published xml-crypto, the first xml digital signature library for node. As a bonus this library is written in pure javascript so it is cross platform.

What is Xml Digital signature?
There's a tl;dr version here. The essence is that dig-sig allows to protect content from unauthorized modification by telling us who created that content and if anyone had altered it since. Xml dig-sig is a special flavour which has some interesting implementation aspects.

A typical xml signature looks like this:

Installing Xml-Crypto

Install with npm:

npm install xml-crypto

A pre requisite it to have openssl installed and its /bin to be on the system path. I used version 1.0.1c but it should work on older versions too.

Signing an xml document

Use this code:

The result wil be:


sig.getSignedXml() returns the original xml document with the signature pushed as the last child of the root node (as above). This assumes you are not signing the root node but only sub node(s) otherwise this is not valid. If you do sign the root node call sig.getSignatureXml() to get just the signature part and sig.getOriginalXmlWithIds() to get the original xml with Id attributes added on relevant elements (required for validation).

Verifying a signed document

You can use any dom parser you want in your code (or none, depending on your usage). This sample uses xmldom so you should install it first:

npm install xmldom

Then run:


The xml-crypto api requires you to supply it separately the xml signature ("<Signature>...</Signature>", in loadSignature) and the signed xml (in checkSignature). The signed xml may or may not contain the signature in it, but you are still required to supply the signature separately.

Supported Algorithms

The first release always uses the following algorithems:

  • Exclusive Canonicalization
  • SHA1 digests
  • RSA-SHA1 signature algorithm

    you are able to extend xml-crypto with further algorithms. I will author a post about it soon.

    Key formats

    You need to use .pem formatted certificates for both signing and validation. If you have pfx x.509 certificates there's an easy way to convert them to pem. I will author a post about this soon.

    The code

    Get xml-crypto on github


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    Unknown said...

    I have installed xml-crypto module using git and put in my project directory. when I run my app.js I am getting --> Cannot find module 'xml-crypto'. I have also installed openssl for that. All other module which I put in my project directory all are working fine. what will be the issue please help on this.