Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wcf and CoffeeScript, who said that opposites don't attract?


At first look Wcf and CoffeeScript are very different: Wcf is chatty on the config side and bloated on the wire, CoffeeScript is just a "little language".

In second look... look at this:

So while Wcf still can't make coffee, CoffeeScript sure does make these fine custom bindings!

This magic is done via Wcf.js, the first ws-* implementation for Node.js. Wcf.js is written in pure coffeescript javascript. What's next, will Microsoft build a tablet?


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Isaac said...

Great library. Do you have a sample project that will run in Visual Studio 2012 RC?

Yaron Naveh (MVP) said...

Sure. the project is actually downloaded whtn you instgall:

npm install wcf.js

the project is under test\integration\working-services\service-c#\service\

if you don't feel like compiling just run the exe from bin\Debug.

this service is slightly different from the above so you need this coffeescript code:


the script assumes that client.pem, server_public.pem (from /example) are in the same folder as it is.

FriensBlogs said...


I have a web application in which i am using asp.net web service. now i have to make this project open source along with web service, but by doing so any one can hit my service how can i prevent it, is their any way please suggest me.

Yaron Naveh (MVP) said...

Anyone who uses the web service you publish as iopen source will need to hook it up to their own users store / authenitcation. The user/pass should nto be hard coded in the app.