Thursday, April 30, 2015

Running Terminal Dashboards on Windows


With blessed-contrib it is easy to create terminal dashboards using ascii-art:

blessed-contrib uses Braille fonts which are available by default on Linux and Mac distributions but not on Windows:

In order to run such dashboards on windows you need to perform the following steps:

1. Download, open and install the FreeMono font.
2. Follow these instructions in order to to configure FreeMono in the windows terminal.
3. In the command line type: "set TERM=windows-ansi".
4. Clone & Run the blessed-contrib project according the regular guidelines (or run any other dashboard that you need)

Enjoy :)


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科技杂谈 said...
conemu is the better solution for windows for this terminal dashboards

wmhilton said...

Even when running bash on windows (via ConEmu / Git Bash), I needed to set the TERM environment variable to 'windows-ansi'. The braille was fine, but the borders were all qqqqqqq B)) stuff

AstralisLux said...

I'm not sure you're keeping this updated, but FreeMono will not display in the drop-down for Windows 10 console properties.